Music License Agreement

On this page, you are able to download both a generic as well as your own, customized license contract.

The document will be auto-generated based on your input. Therefore, you are able to add all of your social channels to it on which you intend on using our songs.

This way, full legal certainty is guaranteed for all creators using our music.

1. Choose a streaming service
Enter all of the channels or social accounts on which you'd like to use our music. If you're unsure which ones to add, don't worry, you are always able to generate a new agreement with new channels later on!
2. Pick or create a playlist
Give us your full name. This is optional! We will never share your details with anyone. However, by giving us our name and hence adding it on the agreement, legal certainty is guaranteed!
3. Select your streaming service as input
Download your custom license agreement and keep it somewhere safe! If you accidentally loose it or delete it, you can always create a new one on this page.

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