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At BinaryBeats, we supply you with free music for your Twitch, YouTube, Facebook or any other video livestream!

All of the music provided is free-to-use, monetizable and fully licensed to you!

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How does it work?

Streaming music available on different streaming services
1. Choose a streaming service

Choose a streaming service

Our songs are available on a multitude of music streaming services. Simply choose the one you like or already have a subscription for

2. Pick or create a playlist

Pick or create a playlist

We have pre-created several playlists featuring songs in different niches such as Lo-Fi, Ambient, Trap or Kawaii You can use these playlists and simply play them along your livestreams.

Alternatively, you are free to create your own playlists using the songs from ours. Doing so, you can create your personal selection of songs that fit your taste and the preferences of your viewers!

3. Select your streaming service as input

Select your input

Lastly, choose the respective app or web app of your streaming provider as a sound input in your streaming software.

There you go! Worry-free music for your videos and streams, with permission to monetize, re-distribute and keep online forever!

Available Playlists

You can use any of the listed Streaming Services to play our music in your streams. Please also feel free to provide new music ideas below!

If you're an artist and would like to collaborate with us, feel free to get in touch!

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Listen on SpotifyListen on Apple MusicListen on YouTube Music
Listen on SpotifyListen on Apple MusicListen on YouTube Music
Listen on SpotifyListen on Apple MusicListen on YouTube Music

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any hidden costs?

No! We do not charge for any of our songs. The only thing we ask for is that you play them through the streaming services on which they have been distributed, such as Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube / YouTube Music.

Is there a license agreement?

You can find our license agreement here. The agreement covers all uses as well as all playlists / songs that we offer to streamers.

Can I also keep the music in my highlights or any other recording of my streams (i.e. on YouTube)?

Yes! You can use any recording of your livestreams with our videos and keep it on your Twitch channel. You are also free to redistribute your stream-recordings on other platforms such as YouTube or Facebook even if it has our music in it.

Is there a branding kit I can use to advertise BinaryBeats?

Yes! Here, you can find different sets of logos to use in your streams or on your channel.

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